Cleaning and Repairs

Blind Fitters LondonBlinds are ultrasonically cleaned at our workshops and then re-installed. In order to ensure the minimum amount of inconvenience, we can arrange an out of hours cleaning schedule, this will eliminate any disruption to office staff. During the cleaning process, blinds can also be repaired which will reduce costs and save time in having to deal with another company.

Ultrasonic blind cleaning involves immersing the blind in a tank of cleaning fluid and flooding them with high frequency sound waves. These non-audible sound waves create a scrubbing brush action within the fluid that removes years of dirt that have been baked on over a long period of time.

Benefits of Ultrasonic cleaning are:

  • Eliminates germs, bacteria and pollutants.
  • Fast 24-hour turnaround.
  • Reduced electrostatic charge, which reduces dust build up.
  • Unlike other cleaning methods, slats are not damaged. Ultrasonic cleaning is often used on delicate items such as jewellery, lenses, surgical instruments and electronic equipment.
  • We use biodegradable cleaning solutions, which are environmentally friendly

In addition we offer a dry cleaning service for all types of blinds and curtains including bomb blast nets.