Shaped Blinds

Ultrasound Blinds specialise in the manufacture of blinds for unusually shaped windows which are only made to each bespoke order for the Window Furnishings Industry throughout the United Kingdom.

Offering the option of either shaped vertical,venetian and pleated blinds, most unusual windows can be dressed to enhance both their shading and privacy without loosing their essential design element.

We can create blinds for all manner of arch shaped windows from shallow eyebrow arches to gothic church style windows. Shaped venetian blinds will have their slats handcrafted to the angle of their head rail. This means that the slats will tilt from the open position to, either backwards away from the room, or forwards into the room. Arch topped shaped blinds will raise up to the point where the arch begins and no further.

In Venetian slat we offer 25mm Aluminium, 25mm and 50mm woodslat. The smallest arch possible being 15” or 382mm up to portholes of 2.600mm, triangles, sloping tops or bottoms, many shapes are available.

For vertical louvre blinds we can curve, shape and arch the headrails to any application required.

All our blinds are manufactured using first quality materials sourced from reputable suppliers.

See our controls tab for choice of operations and fabrics tab for ideas on materials.

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