Pleated Blinds for Roof WindowsPleated blinds are suitable for all kinds of windows in either the home or the office but have been designed more specifically for the modern conservatory.

There are two styles that are generally regarded as the mainstay of the product: they are the free hanging style for vertical windows and the ever popular skylight version for roof windows.

Our Collection is represented by a large range of fabrics with a solar protective coating providing higher standards of solar and optical performance designed to keep excessive heat out in the summer and warmth in during the winter. and blackout options.

For large conservatories and sunrooms or for those with high roofs and hard to reach places, motorised roof blinds are the ideal choice to ensure an easy and smooth operation of your conservatory blinds without the need for poles or wands.

All of our Pleated blinds are made using only the highest-end Benthin components. The Benthin Pleated blind system gives a modern, soft and subtle appearance, perfect for residential or commercial windows.

Duette Window Blinds

The hexagonal structure of the fabric traps air passing through helping to maintain comfortable temperatures by reducing the heat in the warmer summer months and the chill in the coldest, winter months.
As well as being state of the art with remote control technology, Duette window blinds are also stylishly streamline; suitable for any room in the home.

Pleated Blinds Free Hanging Style for Vertical Windows

Pleated Blinds Free Hanging Style for Vertical Windows

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