Ultrasound Blinds offer three types of window film:

Window Blinds Security FilmSecurity Film – In almost half of all recorded break-ins by burglars or vandals, access is gained to the property through glass – a window, door panel, glass door etc. Security film will hold the broken glass in place and deter access by all but the most determined.

Blast/Protection – Blast protection film (anti shatter film) provides protection to people and property resulting from the impact of flying glass shards following a bomb blast or other explosion.

Solar control/manifestation Film – is available in a wide range of colours, shades and finishes to compliment different building requirements. Solar control films reflects up to 83% of the suns glare without blocking the view or the natural light and reflects up to 80% of solar heat gain. In winter certain films reflect escaping heat back into the building. Many buildings fitted with window films have benefited from savings in air conditioning and heating costs.


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