Health & Safety

The Health and Safety of our employees is of paramount importance. We aim to provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, equipment and systems of work for all our employees.

Appropriate preventative and protective measures where reasonable will continue to be implemented following the identification of on-site related hazards and assessment of the risks associated with them.

We recognise the importance of employer / employee consultation on matters of Health and Safety and we also accept the responsibility for the health and safety of other persons who may be affected by our on-site activities.

Expert advice will be sought as necessary when determining Health and Safety risks and the measures required guarding against them.

The objective of this safety statement and associated on-site safety policy can only be achieved through the support and co-operation of employees.

The health and safety policy formation for on-site activities, implementation and development will be the responsibility for the Senior Management of the Company.

The contents of this statement will be kept up to date to reflect changes in the nature of, and the size and complexity of our on-site activities. It will also reflect any changes with regard to health and safety legislation.

We will review its effectiveness as appropriate and in any case at least annually.