iNView Range

Our iNView range of fabric offers exceptional thermal and visual protection against heat and sunlight providing optimum thermal comfort whilst creating the most pleasant working environment.

The reverse of the iNView fabric is coated with a very thin layer of aluminium which helps to reduce more than 70% of direct sunlight and heat gain resulting in a cool and pleasant atmosphere inside whilst retaining an excellent view to the outside.

  • Exceptional thermal and visual protection
  • Efficient energy savings
  • Enhanced visual comfort
  • Ecologically responsible
  • Made from 100% recycled materials
  • No harmful substances in manufacturing
  • 5 years guarantee

iNView fabric is manufactured from 100% PET recycled materials and assists in achieving BREEAM.

The perfect performance fabric meeting todays demanding contract specifications.

Available in:

white 001

Sand 002

Slate 004

Plum Slate 005

Black 008