Environmental Policy

We are a small family run business and whilst our environmental impact may be relatively low, we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously. Our first choice is always to use local and British suppliers, and when this is not possible we ensure that our suppliers abroad have stringent environmental policies in place.

1. Company / Staff Footprint

We encourage shared transport for commuting to and from work.

2. Vehicles and Travel

Jobs are grouped together in the same area to save on carbon footprint.

3. Waste & Recycling

Materials used to manufacture window blinds are sourced very carefully, all timber is FSA accredited from sustainable forests, most of the metal, plastic materials and fabrics are recyclable,

Packaging materials are carefully selected in order to protect our products effectively and to also minimise the effect on the environment.

We recycle all recyclable waste and other waste is disposed of appropriately.

4. Suppliers

Our suppliers conform to international or local legislation regarding health and safety in the work place and comply with the local standards to ensure they are operating sound environmental; management systems.

The above are current areas in which Ultrasound Blinds is looking to improve. We are however continuously assessing and changing our methods to be more environmentally friendly.