Fabric Ranges

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NON-Blackout Fabrics: 

Non-blackout fabrics are used when there is no need to completely block out all light entering a room. Depending on the fabric you choose, you are able to create the level of openness each blind will have, leading to more light entering the room.

Louvolite – Carnival


 colours    Univie

Screen Fabric: 

This fabric comes in a range of different percentages, depending on how much light you want allow to come through the blind. You can choose to have your fabric from a 1% weave which is the tightest and will let minimal amount of light through, to 20% openness, allowing more light through.


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Image result for Fabric Roller Blinds decorquip   Image result for Fabric Roller Blinds decorquip

Blackout Fabrics:

These blackout fabrics are chosen for complete blackout within a room, where no light is preferred or privacy is needed.

Louvolite – Nocturne

Uniview Zero






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Blackout & Non-Blackout:

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